5 Tips For The First Day!

Tip 1. Talk About It!

whether you are taking your 3 year old to class for the very first time, or driving your teen to dance for her 1,000th lesson; the car is a great place to chat. We all get nervous and excited when facing new events. If your child is new to dance or very young, the car ride to the studio is a great time to talk about FUN!! Remind your little one that you will be right outside the class room, and that you will be waiting to hear all about the fun they had when the class is finished. For older dancers this is the perfect time to talk about their goals for the year! Ask them what they are most looking forward to this year, and what they hope to gain from their lessons this semester. Talking about their class is the best way to shake the butterflies and boost their confidence.


Tip 2. Come Prepared!

It is always best to have all of your needed materials on the first day of class. If you have ordered dancewear at the studio, arrive a few minutes early to stop by the front desk and pick it up. Your dancer can change in the dressing room, and be ready for her class before it starts. If for some reason you are missing the correct shoes for your class it is best to let your teacher know before the class begins. Also, make sure your dancer knows if he/she is missing an item or shoe... you don't want your little one searching for her tap shoes if she doesn't have them in her bag.


Tip 3. Take Pictures!

Who doesn't love a good 1st day picture?

We sure do! The best time to take your dancers picture is in the waiting room or student lounge before class! For safety reasons it's always best to only take pictures of your own dancer.

We would love to see your first day pictures: Tag us @StudioSeventeenDance and Hashtag them #Seriously17!

In addition to your pictures we will be uploading some to our facebook page! Don't forget to like our page to make sure you see them!


Tip 4. Get Comfortable!

We want our studio to feel like a second home! After all, students learn best when they are comfortable. We have water coolers, cups, and extra hair elastics readily available in our waiting room. Your dancer will love hanging out and making friends in our student lounge! Get comfortable, and feel free to ask any questions you have!


Tip. 5 Have Fun!

Dance is FUN!!! So remember to enjoy each moment in class. Dance lessons are not about being perfect, but enjoying each step in the journey! As long as you are trying your best and having fun then you have every reason to be super proud of yourself! So keep calm, relax and have an amazing first day of dance!


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